Aussie Country Singer Kasey Chambers covers an Eminem classic

Friday, July 29th, 2022 7:41am

By Ali Hill

Powerful. Haunting. Soaring.

Australian country singer Kasey Chambers has released a pretty cool cover of Eminem's huge hit, Lose Yourself.

She posted, "Hey guys, I’m soooooo excited to share my LIVE version of Eminem’s ‘LOSE YOURSELF’ we recorded at Newcastle Civic on tour in June will be out!! (I hadn’t forgotten)

The video clip we’ve made from all the fan footage shared by all of you at that show will be out Friday too. It looks AMAZING & totally captures the incredible feeling this song has for me.

The result is a perfect time capsule of how a great song, performed authentically from the heart can bring a room of strangers to connect in such a powerful shared emotion."

What do you think of her interpretation of the song?

Source: YouTube/KaseyChambers

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