City of Kwinana to transition to pre-booked verge waste collection

Friday, 14 June 2024 11:09

By Monique Welhan

PIC: File

City of Kwinana residents will soon have to book their verge-side collection after the Council approved the new system at their latest meeting.

The pre-booked system, to be introduced in July 2025, is set to be more efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly.

The City says it will reduce waste, achieving a 26 per cent waste reduction and a 62 per cent material recovery rate, compared to the current system's 51 per cent.

Under the new pre-booked system residents will, through an online and phone booking system, be able to choose the timing and type of collection that suits their specific needs, with an annual allocation of two bulk or green waste collections, in addition to two mattress or whitegoods 

Residents will also have the option to forgo their mattress and whitegoods allocation for the year in favour of a further pre-booked green waste collection, enabling up to a maximum of three green waste collections for larger properties.

Residents will also be able to pre-book additional collections beyond their allocated amount on a user-pays fee basis. 

Mayor Peter Feasey said the introduction of the new system is designed to be more convenient and flexible, catering to the diverse needs of Kwinana residents. 

“The pre-booked system aligns with Kwinana's Waste Plan and Sustainability Framework and offers greater convenience to residents by allowing year-round booking opportunities, enabling waste collection that meets the individual demands of Kwinana's diverse property types,” Mayor Feasey 

“The introduction of the new system results from community involvement, with input from residents through meetings with resident associations, shopping centre interactions, and pop-up engagement sessions.

"Seventy per cent of residents who were consulted supported a pre-booked system, demonstrating strong community backing for this efficient and environmentally friendly option."

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