Name of new Madora Bay Catholic school announced

Monday, 5 February 2024 11:15

By Monique Welhan

Foundation Principal Anita O’Donohue explores the plans for the site of the newest Catholic school opening in Madora Bay in 2025. PIC: Supplied

The name of the new Catholic school in Madora Bay has been revealed.

The school will be called St Marcellin Catholic College after St Marcellin Champagnat, the Patron of Education and Teachers.

St Marcellin Catholic College will open its doors to Pre-Kindergarten to Year Two in February 2025.

"The naming of our newest school in Madora Bay marks a significant step in the journey to welcoming new students. St Marcellin Catholic College reflects the joint ambition of CEWA, the Bishops of WA and the Foundation Principal to ground this school within the Marist tradition," Catholic Education WA Executive Director Wayne Bull said.

“From the founding of the first Catholic school in Western Australia in 1843, the commitment to deliver a quality, affordable, faith-based education to those who sought one has grown from strength to strength."

Foundation Principal Anita O’Donohue said they are delighted to offer more families the choice of a Catholic education in the area.

“I am excited to be able to share the name of our new school, which I hope creates a sense of anticipation and will give a feeling for the traditions on which we will form our community," she said.

“With less than twelve months until we welcome the first cohort of students into our classrooms, work is underway to ensure St Marcellin Catholic College is ready.”

St Marcellin Catholic College will be the 163rd Catholic school in WA.

There are more than 80,000 students already enrolled in Catholic schools across the state.

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