Over 10,000 guns removed from WA community in buyback scheme

Monday, 13 May 2024 11:01

By Monique Welhan

PIC: File

Over 10,000 firearms have been removed from the Western Australian community as part of the State Government's voluntary buyback scheme.

During the first 10 weeks in operation, the scheme saw just over 1000 firearms handed in each week with half of those surrendered in the metropolitan area.

This includes over 1000 handguns, 2500 shotguns and nearly 6500 rifles.

Individual firearms licence holders are eligible to receive a maximum of $1000 dollars for their gun, dependent on type, style, calibre, and initial registration date. 

New legislation will see WA become the first jurisdiction in the nation to impose a limit on the number of firearms an individual can own, as well as more rigorous licensing and storage rules plus the introduction of mandatory health checks and mandatory disqualifying offences. 

“I strongly encourage all firearms owners to consider participating in the buyback before it closes or the fund is exhausted," Police Minister Paul Papalia said.

“This is your one opportunity to receive compensation from the WA Government before the new laws come into effect."

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